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  • How does DayDisc work?
    Simply move the magnetic tracking ball from groove to groove around the disk to keep track of your activities and be mindful of how you use your time each day.
  • Why does it work?
    DayDisc facilitates the journey from intention to formation of habits using up-to-date psychological principles developed from operant conditioning, including cognitive behavioral theory, reward economies, and habit loops. Its multi-sensory, and particularly its tactile qualities maintain wearer engagement and motivation. DayDisc is designed to effectively create and sustain positive dopamine loops: users become ‘addicted’ to the magnetic click that they reward themselves with on completing x, y, or z, and to the feeling of satisfaction that comes from achieving their daily ‘orbit’.
  • Does it have a particular purpose?
    No. We encourage wearers to come up with their own personal and innovative uses, adapted to their own needs and lifestyles. However, a suggested use would be as a reminder to ‘take five’, just 12 times every day, to easily get into the habit of dedicating an hour daily to self-care or self-development.
  • What is the power source?
    DayDisc has no internal power source. It is powered by interaction with the wearer. The one moving part (the tracking orb) is moved manually. The magnets inside are permanent, so essentially, DayDiscs remain functional indefinitely.
  • Is there a DayDisc app?
    No. DayDisc is intended to counteract our growing dependency on apps, data, and digitalisation. DayDisc is a standalone device that requires no external application. Its only mode of connectivity is touch, and saves no data.
  • How many magnets are supplied?
    Each DayDisc comes with 4 magnetic tracking orbs. Choose from electroplated gold, silver, nickel, or dark. Optional extra orbs are also available in sets of 4. 12 magnets are permanently fixed inside each DayDisc. All magnets are N52 neodymium, the highest grade available.
  • How strongly are the orbs held in place?
    The hold is very strong because we use the highest strength neodymium magnets available (N52) for both the internal magnets and the orbs. There is no risk of the orbs falling out, no matter what your activity. A precise and intentional grip is necessary to move them. (Our testing has indicated that the orbs may occasionally become attached to ferrous objects that they come into contact with, so if you are missing an orb, just retrace your steps to the object, and the orb will still be there. Typical example: orb sticks to fridge door)
  • Are any health benefits claimed?
    DayDisc is not designed to treat or cure any disease or condition, and we claim no therapeutic effect for DayDisc’s magnetic field. However, adopting and maintaining healthy habits is definitely good for both your physical and mental wellbeing, and static magnetic fields (like those of our N52 magnets) have been shown to promote micro-circulation. Magnetic fields are increasingly being used therapeutically worldwide, and apart from pacemakers and other such implants, there are no contra-indications for their use. As always, we encourage you to do your own research.
  • Is DayDisc compatible with pacemakers?
    No, unfortunately not. It would be unsafe. DayDisc’s static electromagnetic field is weak and biosafe, but could interfere with mechanical chest implants such as pacemakers.
  • What are DayDisc's environmental impacts?
    Thanks to the influence of the ideas of the Appropriate Technology Movement, DayDisc is designed as a maximally sustainable object. We plan for permanescence, not obsolescence. It is made from recycled metal, draws no power, and is built to outlast its owner. It emits no radiation, contains no chemical adhesive, or other hazardous or toxic materials, and ALL waste from the machining process is recycled.

DayDisc: daily wellbeing made simple

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