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The Discology Self-Actualisation System

We have imbued DayDisc with the power to supercharge your motivation, drive, and mindset.

This page is dedicated to helping you get the most out of DayDisc, so you can get the most out of yourself. 

The daily ritual use of your DayDisc will help you develop a growth mindset along with giving you all the motivation, positivity and drive you could possibly need in life.


Be more you

You aim higher, and you’re here to find out how to turbo-charge your personal development.

According to a dictionary definition:


“Personal development includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.”

An interest in personal development is a trait that links all successful people but how do we get there and what exactly does that mean?

In his book Motivation and Personality, American psychologist Abraham Harold Maslow suggested that all individuals have the need to see themselves as competent and autonomous, and that every person has limitless room for growth. He saw that all individuals have an in-built need for personal development which occurs through a process he called self-actualisation. This refers to the drive people can have “to become everything that they are capable of becoming”. In other words, it refers to our yearning to reach our full potential as a unique human beings. For Maslow, the path to self-actualisation involves being in touch with your feelings, experiencing life fully and with total concentration.


Contemporary thinking recognises that the urge to self-actualise can only be effected with the right attitude. The personal development journey begins by having what Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck calls a growth mindset. The growth mindset is built on the belief that a person’s capacities and talents are not fixed, but can and do evolve and improve over time. Adopting this belief will transform you into an agent of change and allow you to apply yourself to broad developments, in your physical health, interpersonal skills, mental health, professional growth and and elsewhere.


People with a growth mindset approach self-development as a process that never ends and if they aren’t good at something initially, they can get there with dedication and an open mind.


Their mentality makes ‘Yet’ a very powerful word. It acknowledges that you’re not quite there, but that getting ‘there’ will happen. You’re on a journey. 

Here are 5 key areas of personal development where you can increase your capacities and capabilities to help yourself unlock the full powers hiding in your potential.



Nourishing and challenging our minds is one of the easier aspects of personal development. We are lucky in the 21st century to have so many ways to do this, and all the resources of the past to learn from. Building new knowledge by taking an online class, reading a book, or watching YouTube videos is easy and rewarding. The internet is a wealth of free information with many articles and videos created by the best people in their field. In as little as 15 minutes each day, we can develop new vocabulary, thinking patterns, skills, and techniques, which can promote career growth, higher productivity, and challenge  limiting beliefs.

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Raising your heart rate for just 15 minutes each day will have a beneficial effect on your BMI, muscles, and mental well-being. Stretching, or breathwork can also lead to feeling and moving better.

Physical personal development isn’t just about exercise though.

Diet changes can bring significant results. Cutting down on sugar, for example, can  protect your teeth, stop you from having short-term highs and longer-term lulls, and help you avoid putting on unnecessary fat. Cooking is another important step that you could take, 

Better sleep is a great way of physical self-improvement.



An area of life that some people think very deeply about and others shy away from. By spiritual personal development we aren’t necessarily talking about religion. The search for best way to describe it is anything that brings you peace, a more meaningful life and helps you connect to your true self. The activities that fall under this category can be anything from meditation to spending time in prayer or even reading a holy book. Some people find they are at peace when they’re out walking or close to nature.

Group of Friends


This is all about improving your communication and collaboration skills. Social development and 'people skills' are some of the most important things that we can learn. Developing these is a sure-fire way to make or mend relationships, or to fast-track your professional career. Learning a new language, practicing public speaking, networking and doing more active listening are all activities that can help with social personal develop.

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Emotional personal development is what most of us are thinking of when we talk about the personal development process. We tend to believe that our inner strength comes from within us and is linked to our level of emotional intelligence ie. how much we understand about ourselves. Successful people understand that personality development can be a lifelong process. In fact it is openness to learning and to changing the way we react to things that allows us to become a positive person.

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Focus on your process

As the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

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