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here, self-actualisation is a daily ritual



a regular practice or routine that is not only easy to start and maintain, but is also the source of incredible growth and power

it all revolves around the DayDisc...

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Simple, Achievable, Rewarding


Just take 12 opportunities to work toward your goals, every day.


By counting only what truly counts, it keeps you focused and clearly shows your investment in yourself, rapidly helping you form the habits that boost your wellbeing.

The DayDisc system

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it's your time

How we use our time determines who we become...

But making time for ourselves and our priorities isn't always easy in this busy world.

What if you could insert more self-care intervals into your daily life?

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"We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."


daily revolutions

Every morning, set your intention to complete 12 repetitions of an action in one day.

DayDisc will keep you on track.

With DayDisc’s twelve grooves, you can easily break down your progress throughout the day into sets and subsets.

The circuit can be split into ½, ⅓, ¼, ⅙, giving you an easy, versatile way to plan and track your activities.


The DayDisc self-actualisation system:
analogue technology combining with modern psychology.


no app: you are the operating system

no battery: you are the power source

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built to last

created for you

DayDisc is a striking talisman specially engineered for self-development.


Intuitive and reliable, it uses principles of design and of psychology to build up the positive feedback loops that lead to lasting change.


By making it easy to begin and sustain new and improved patterns of behaviour, DayDisc ensures you invest time in yourself.





Using just the fundamental forces of magnetism and willpower, DayDisc converts your best intentions into impressive outcomes.


Engage in a personal daily ritual with your DayDisc, and you’ll quickly develop the productive habits that you set your mind to.


Designate specific, significant activities that will upgrade your lifestyle, as you might with a coach, and use your DayDisc to count and track them. 

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be always becoming...

How do you set effective goals and start habits?

Studies have shown that approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail.

So new approaches are needed for your journey towards achieving long-term goals and resolutions. First, it’s important to think a bit more carefully about your goal.

To give yourself the best chance of success, goals should be:


  •  Simple, but significant

  •  Trackable, so you can monitor your progress

  •  Realistic and relevant

  •  Timebound so you can get regular

DayDisc doesn’t shove your goals in your face. It keeps them close to your chest.

But getting feedback on your performance and progress is important too, as part of breaking your goals down into achievable chunks. There are loads of great books available on habit formation, but it always boils down to the habit loop.

Use a single Orb to track the transformation of a single intention into a single habit.

Pick one thing you want to do more often. Aim to complete 12 repetitions of that particular activity each day. Each time you manage it, move your orb to the next slot on your DayDisc.

Congratulations! That’s one orbit. A simple, clear, effective way to begin and sustain positive change.

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“It has to work forever.”

DayDisc is based on the polar opposite of planned obsolescence – something we like to call planned permanescence.

Like the pyramids, or Stonehenge, or buried treasure.

Planned permanescence makes for maximally sustainable objects.

We designed DayDisc to pay homage to the eternal values of beauty and usefulness. It represents the Sun, and abides by principles of Sacred Geometry. DayDisc’s proportions are determined by the Golden Ratio.

With DayDisc, your information isn’t uploaded anywhere. It stays where it’s needed most: with you. This makes it intrinsically stable, reliable, and sustainable.

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